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Recently a group of teachers were given a new "green" white board cleaner to try out. Here is what they said:

I would like you to know that I love it! I don't think I've tried any cleaner that I have liked more. There is no smell and no mess. It doesn't smear like the Expo cleaner and I think works better than soap and water. This is great stuff! Thanks, Janet Caouette, WHS

The white board cleaner works great! There isn't a strong odor like the one we currently use. It cleans well! Krystal Ort, ESS

My students told you today, "Thanks Mr. Bill for our new spray! It smells like apples!" I like the spray because the smell is not as strong and is kid-friendly (meaning you can use it when they are around). Also you don't have to use a lot to clean the board. It also stays really clean for a while after using it. Mrs. Christopher tried it out as well and like it better than the Expo spray we have. Thanks for letting us try it out!
Jess Cardinal, WHS

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